Year Three ... LEATHER! The website this year is a "Coffee Table Leather Bound Book" of our third year together. Branded into the cover of the book are our initials. Why the rope theme along with the leather ... I don't know, it just looked good.

The book contains chapters of some of our adventures over the past year which include; our anniversary trip, skiing, spring trip to Roatan, motorcycles rides, golf and our kitty Simi. We were not very good at taking pictures this year and miss a lot of photo opportunities. We didn't take any pictures of the holidays, very few of skiing or golfing. Hope you enjoy what we do have and put on our website.

To navigate this book; you can left click the mouse on the page number in the lower corner of the page and drag the page left or right. Also, you can use the arrow keys on the keyboard to flip the pages. Lastly, you can select a particular chapter or page from the drop down menu located at the upper right of the book. You also might want to adjust the zoom on your browser to fit the site into the screen.

The website actually spans the year 2011 because of the time of year that I can work on the project. Each year, started in 2010, I will update our website around the first of the new year, more then likely during the month of January.



Our Anniversary Chapter


Our 3 year anniversary was spent in Red Lodge, MT where we met. We traveled up in the truck pulling the motorcycle trailer with the bike inside. It was a multifaceted trip in that we worked, played and gathered during the trip. Our play involved the Montana Tavern Association golf tournament and a couple motorcycle rides to the Belfry Bar(where we actually met and talked for the first time), up the Beartooth Pass and a loop ride with one of the stops being in Columbus and the "Dead Animal Bar". We worked too at Rock Creek Resort doing some needed managerial work and also attending the Montana Tavern Association meetings. The gathering portion of our trip was to bring home all the personal items that we had left behind in a little apartment that we though we would use but never did. Every time we would visit Red Lodge, we stayed at the resort and not the apartment. All in all ... the trip was fun with the weather being somewhat like our wedding year, unpredictable!


Montana Mike and us at the Belfry Bar.


Tom Propp and us at Vista Point up Beartooth Pass.


This is a picture up the valley on Highway 212 up Beartooth Pass. A spectacular ride if you're in Montana!

Below is a shot from the Montana Tavern Association Golf Tournament.


Above; a two headed calf in the "Dead Animal Bar" in Columbus, MT. A nickname because of the plethora of stuffed animals.


Carl Sr. & Sheika at the Silver Strike in Red Lodge. Carl Sr. is an old friend and an old owner of the Snow CreekSaloon.


Karl and his 1974 74" Harley Davidson FX Super Glide. He bought this new in 1974 and I did a small restoration project on it when I was mechanicing out of Bone Daddy's Custom Cycle in Red Lodge.


Skiing Chapter


There's always a party on Vail Mountain. Our website time frame actually spans two seasons. This year it is the end of the 2010-11 season and the beginning of the 2011-12 season. The 10-11 season was a record year with over 500 inches of snow. The powder shots on the following page are from a day in the spring in Sun Up Bowl and was just one of many of similar days. The last picture is from our ski day on Christmas 2011, skiing with Pepi  and an old family friend DV. The 2011-12 season started out very slow with snow but it was nice enough on Christmas to take a run.


Steep & Bumps to Deep Powder in the Back Bowls


Skiing with Pepi & Friend DV on Christmas Day


The Roatan Spring Trip Chapter


This was our annual spring trip to somewhere warm with a beach, scuba diving and plenty of food and drink to relax with after the ski season ended and before motorcycle season starts. We left Colorado early in the morning, sometime shortly after midnight and arrived in Roatan before noon the same day. We were drinking cervezas and on the beach around one o-clock in the afternoon. The trip was about 10 days long with most days being great weather. We dove one day with a little rain but the diving was very good for all our dives. The overall experience was good but not the best. The food at the resort was what brought the whole experience lower.


From our diving experiences, Roatan had the most sea turtles then any other place that we have been. This sequence of pictures with Sheika and a turtle swim by happen about mid trip.


Welcome to Roatan

The beach at the resort

The above seen on the airport door.    
Sheika is a little tired from the trip. Our room was nice.    

We saw a fish like this in Jamaica too. Don't know what it is but it camouflages itself well.


See the lobster?


Lion Fish


Moray Eel


Some of our turtle encounters

  Bed Art  

The Motorcycle Ride Chapter


We did a few trips this year but not as many as we were hoping for. The weather this years was very wet until July. You can see in the picture of the rainbow coming into Vail that this was a wet year. This picture was taken in early September. Within this chapter are a few of the "bigger" trips we took starting with our first ride over Independence Pass in June, Canon City in late June, Bandimere in July, Lake City in August and one last ride over Independence Pass in September. In a separate chapter in this book is another motorcycle "Fly-n-Ride" trip to Arizona in November.


Rainbow in Vail as we're driving home from the shop.


Out for an afternoon ride on the Kawasaki Sherpa. Three beers in a cardboard box "cooler" strapped to the seat. Sheika texted me asking what I was doing that afternoon and this picture was my response.


Nuts to Winter Indy Pass

June 6th, 2011

We couldn't muster up too many riders for this ride for some reason.

We had a "Nuts-to-Winter" ride planned for May but we didn't get the ride going until into June. The pass open just one week before we went up and over. A great ride with Dan & Yvonne.


Canon City Ride


This was a ride that was unplanned. We went to a bike rally in Colorado Springs and was running a little late getting home. We stopped in Fairplay for the evening and then getting up the next day heading south rather then north. Our experience in Fairplay was fun from an offer to stay in a guys "double wide" because he thought that I was scared to stay in the "haunted" motel in town to the invite to the bowling alley by the owner to taste some of the "best" vodka made. We travel south in the morning experiencing some new roads and beautiful scenery along the way. We stop at the Royal Gorge for some pictures, then off to Salida for the night. We traveled home on the third day out. Turn out to be a great impromptu trip.

The tram above the gorge  
  At the bottom of the gorge w/ tram going across
    Sheika fly'n high above the gorge on a swing!   That speck in the sky is her.

Mile High Nationals @ Bandimere


A weekend trip to Denver to watch the Mile High National Drag Races at the Badimere Speedway in Morrison, CO. We traveled down on the bike leaving on Saturday night and took Bear Creek Canyon from Evergreen to Morrison. In Morrison, we stopped for a beverage, then headed to Denver for the night. We attended the races on Sunday and stayed another night in Denver. Before heading to the apartment, we stop at a few places on Broadway. We found a quite little place and noticed that a summary of the races were on ESPN. Watching, we noticed a guy that we were standing next to during the races was on ... then ... Sheika was on TV! She made her TV début on ESPN that day. We started our return trip on Monday and took a back road from Evergreen to Idaho Springs. Traveling along we passed the road up to Mt. Evens. We decided to take a short side trip (which took a couple hours) up to the top. The last page shows a few pictures. The "Road to the Star" started in 1924 and completed in 1930. The "Castle in the Sky" was the highest structure in the world at 14260ft. It was destroyed by an explosion in 1979.

Check out the gal steering the driver back to the starting line ... nice boots!
Go Army! Below is John Force's daughter, Ashley Force Hood.

Mt. Evens


Lake City Ride


The ride included some great scenery over Kebler Pass from Crested Butte to Paonia, the old mining town of Creede and a stay in Lake City in the "Flop Inn". We also visited the Alfred Packard Massacre Site outside of Lake City.


Indy Pass
Fall Colors Ride

Battle Mountain Pass    
    Independence Pass
Camp Hale    

Arizona Fly & Ride


This was a trip to fly south to escape on oncoming of winter and have some fun in the sun riding a motorcycle. Our trip ventured from Phoenix north west to Lake Havasu. then along historic Hwy 66 through Oatman and to Seligman, AZ.


We took some warmer riding gear "just in case" and ended up wearing everything we brought the whole trip. The temp in Phoenix when we arrived was in the 60's and not much warmer then Colorado when we left. We woke to 26 degree temps in Seligman to travel to Phoenix for the last leg of our trip.


Octane Lounge, a stop just before leaving Phoenix on the first day out. Below is a little wide spot in the road on our way to Lake Havasu.


The Hideaway Grill in Cave Creek, AZ


Burros on Road in California


This is our first time in California, the second time we got busted for no helmet. Each time entering unknowingly.


London Bridge


Oatman, AZ on Route 66


Seligman 26° in Arizona?!


Golfing Chapter


We golf in the fall when things are slower and we can get the courses to ourselves! The shot of the hawk was taken by Sheika on one of our days playing. On the next page are shots at the Valley Course of Cordillera.


Camping Chapter


The picture says it all. Our camping gear is one year older without any more wear!


Our Kitty Cat

Simi was a very active kitty as you can tell from the action shots on these pages. Simi turned 18 in 2011 and finally ended up on medication.


The year before he was still hunting and bring in his kills but this year found himself with failing eyes and kidneys. He was doing very well on his medication up until the last month. We miss our buddy Simi.